Not a pregnancy announcement


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During my first pregnancy I wrote a pregnancy diary for the Newcastle parenting website ‘Bubs About Town’. The year was 2009: Kevin Rudd was our PM, Miley Cyrus was still suitable for children and I took my pelvic floor for granted. Sure I was uncomfortable, freaking out about the impending labour and seriously missing Camembert, but it was such an exciting, amazing time. We didn’t know what we were in for (if I did I’d have slept for the full 40 weeks), but we were just bursting (me literally) to meet our baby. Writing the online diary really reignited my love and passion for writing, gave me some wonderful opportunities and was probably the first step in finding the courage to start this blog.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to revisit “Holly’s Diary” and post some of my favourite excerpts on Ihearttuesdays.

If I could tell my pregnant diarising self anything, it would be to savour it and to enjoy your changing body. Take more photos of yourself: you look beautiful. And your boobs: they will never look this good again. So enjoy them too.

Cut to five years later and we have a boisterously cheeky, absolutely hilarious four year old and, after an even less comfortable pregnancy (*cough* ten pounder *cough*) a few years later, a mischievous 18 month old. My life now is so very very different from when I wrote these pieces.

I hope you enjoy them, and I especially hope they don’t make me too clucky!
Find entries from my diary by selecting the tab above.


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4 responses to “Not a pregnancy announcement

  1. How lovely to look back at this special time in your life. Great post.

  2. Oh, Camembert, yes I missed that too. It’s great to look back and see how motherhood has changed you (surely for the better).

    • Thanks Kate! It’s funny how much you want something you just can’t have! The day we left the hospital I arrived home to a platter of soft cheeses and meats that my mother-in-law had prepared: I ate like a king that day!

      I really enjoyed writing the diary at the time, but now I can’t wait to show it to my son when he’s older!

      I’ll be posting more entries every now and then, hopefully you’ll be able to check back in!

  3. jenjo22

    It is wonderful that you kept diaries that you can visit whenever-very special

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